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2019 –

Tons of Steel Used: 113.62

The Scott A. McGregor Computer Science Center, with 113.62 tons of steel, was designed out of necessity for the rapidly growing Department of Computer Science and houses a permanent makerspace, open to all students at Harvey Mudd and across The Claremont Colleges. The newly three-story collaborative, multidisciplinary hub will create room to grow from 16 to 25 faculty positions over time and will include faculty offices, collaboration spaces, teaching and research laboratories, clinic and project studios.

This highly functional space will be adjacent and linked with repositioned engineering machine shops in the Libra Complex. A Vierendeel truss has been placed in the upper level of the building to enhance the complex, rigid design of the front of the building. Columbia Steel, Inc. also placed steel panels for the staircase inside the building. CSI’s mandate included creating drawings, floor framing, supplying steel and plate support for glass handrail, fabricating and installing stairs and rails. CSI also installed the Vierendeel Truss, ceiling assemblies and interior details.

Source: Chalk, Liam. “HMC Celebrates Groundbreaking of New Computer Science Center: College News.” Harvey Mudd College, 7 Oct. 2019, www.hmc.edu/about-hmc/2019/10/07/hmc-celebrates-groundbreaking-on-new-computer-science-center/